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Iodoral 12.5mg

Original High Potency Lugol Solution Iodine Nutritional Supplement - Energy and Thyroid Support

About this item

·         Iodine supplement in amount comparable to average daily intake by mainland Japanese; thyroid support.

·         This iodine supplement with potassium iodide supports normal, healthy thyroid function, energy levels

·         Free of wheat and gluten, corn, soy, yeast, dairy, eggs, fish, shellfish and peanuts.

·         Many sensitive individuals who typically react to nutritional supplements are able to tolerate Optimox products

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Iodoral 12.5

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Suggested Usage
As a dietary supplement, take one tablet per day or as directed by physician. 
WARNING: If pregnant or nursing, consult your healthcare practitioner before use.  Keep out of reach of children.  Do not use if you have an iodine sensitivity, or if you are taking anti-hypertension or anti-thyroid medications.  Discontinue use if you develop swollen salivary glads, stomach upset, or skin rash.